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Hello everyone! Let’s go on with the 2016 retrospective and today I’ll talk about my top 10 favorite albums. Friendly reminder that this is my personal opinion, so don’t be mad at me if I didn’t put your favorite group. Instead, leave me a comment telling me what were your favorites and I’d love to know <3 And there’s no ranking on this list ok? It’s a random order!

So we finally reached the end of 2015’s retrospective, and today I’ll talk about my favorite albums. I want to know your favorites too! This Top 10 is actually a Top 10+1 – you’ll understand while reading it. This list doesn’t have a ranking – from the best to the worst – ‘cause these albums are all in first place for me. I also listed mini and full albums together – otherwise I’d have to make two different lists. Friendly remember that this list is my personal opinion. So if

I’m FINALLY back, with a fix schedule of posts to do here in MLD, so you can be sure that I’ll be here every week, with two or even three new posts! [yeeeeey] This post was supposed to be here for a while, but I was always delaying it for one single reasons I knew I would write a lot. But please, don’t feel too lazy to read it! Now, let’s start talking about the 4th full album of the shining SHINee, “Odd”!

After three years listening “Fantastic Baby” and suffering with a thousand rumors about comebacks, we finally have Big Bang back. And not only with one or two songs. We got EIGHT new songs, divided in four singles of MADE serie. Let’s all thanks Papa YG for making 2015 Big Bang’s year. This post is in “Album review” category, but I’ll also talk a little bit about the MVs, just because it’s impossible not to talk about those amazing videos we had between May and August.