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Mais um Top 10 mensal <3 fiz algumas alterações, porque tiveram músicas repetidas da Playlist de Agosto – se você não ouviu, é só vir aqui. [Só alterei isso para não ficarem parecidas]. Como “Russian Roulette” ficou em primeiro lugar, eu vou deixar o MV aqui <3 Eu amei tanto esse comeback delas, e o MV é muito fofo – apesar delas estarem tentando se matar. Eu assistia muito “Tom & Jerry”, “Piu piu e Frajola”, entre outros desenhos antigos, então esse MV me fez lembrar muito desses episódios! Foi assim com vocês

UPDATED POST!!! Hello world! How are you? Ok first of all, this was a very difficult review to write, and I had to think a lot before posting it. Because I think it will be incomplete and I’m feeling really bad about it. But since it’s about VIXX, I need to talk about them [‘cause they’re one of my favorite Top 10 groups], and I couldn’t leave “Fantasy” out of it.

Another MV review, of another video I could only watch today. When the news about 4Minute’s disband was out, I was obviously sad. And I promised to keep supporting the girls and HyunA in her solo career [since she’s my ultimate female bias]. But when “How’s this” was released, I was completely out of time to watch it, and that’s why I only saw it today. And I loved it! A lot! It has the same “Roll deep” vibe, and the MV is quite similar, with all the party and

 [FIRST OF ALL: this is a very personal text, so please respect everything I wrote here. I chose to post it on tumblr instead of my K-pop blog, where I also post English texts, just… I don’t know, I wanted to. So. Here I am.] It’s been a while since I thought about writing about this, but I’ve never had the guts to do it. Since it’s very personal, I tried to “hide” it, but I’m feeling more comfortable now. Well, not anyone know about it, but me and my

[English text down here] Hm… Olá! Quase um mês sem postar nada, que vergonha. Hoje o post será bem curtinho, mas muito especial. No último sábado [dia 02 de julho], eu e meu grupo de dança fizemos mais três apresentações, no Showcase de Inverno do Espaço FNK [aqui de Campo Grande – MS]. Vim então deixar os vídeos aqui para vocês poderem assistir <3

I wouldn’t be an exaggerating to say that at least once you wanted to go inside a K-drama. To steal a kiss from the leading men, to slap the vilain’s face, or to explain to the leading lady everything that she can’t understand. Did you identify to any of this situations? So I’m absolutely sure you gonna love to watch “Dramaworld”, as original Viki’s serie.

After the success with the mini album “Base” and the special “Story Op. 1”, our Jonghyun is back with his first full album. This time, “She is” has nine songs, all composed by him itself! Shawols are so proud! And completely different from the dark MV of “Crazy”, he’s back with a vibrant and colorful video. “And it was all yellow…”

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