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When Jessica left SNSD, in August of 2015, I confess I got really sad. She wasn’t my bias, but she was the first I recognized and always looked for her on MVs. It was a shock, even for non Soshis like me. I kept following the news about her, cheering for her success. So when she announced she’d make a solo debut I was so happy. Really, really happy. Yesterday the MV of “Fly” was released, and all my anxiety ended.

I’m back with another MV review! Well, I knew K-pop in 2009 with Super Junior. Being an ELF since then, I always dreamed with a Yesung’s solo, one of the most beautiful voices of Korea. And for my happiness [and of the entire fandom], he released his mini album “Here I Am” in April. And that is the MV I’ll talk about today.

The waiting has finally over! After almost 2 year since “Ace”, our maknae Taemin is back with his 1st full album “Press It”. And yesterday, the MV for the title track “Press Your Number” was released. “Drip Drop” was just another way for SM give us a heart attack. This review is a bunch of opinions of a ultimate Taemint that couldn’t even think straight anymore. This is my “theory”.

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