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Another MV review, of another video I could only watch today. When the news about 4Minute’s disband was out, I was obviously sad. And I promised to keep supporting the girls and HyunA in her solo career [since she’s my ultimate female bias]. But when “How’s this” was released, I was completely out of time to watch it, and that’s why I only saw it today. And I loved it! A lot! It has the same “Roll deep” vibe, and the MV is quite similar, with all the party and

After the success with the mini album “Base” and the special “Story Op. 1”, our Jonghyun is back with his first full album. This time, “She is” has nine songs, all composed by him itself! Shawols are so proud! And completely different from the dark MV of “Crazy”, he’s back with a vibrant and colorful video. “And it was all yellow…”

When Jessica left SNSD, in August of 2015, I confess I got really sad. She wasn’t my bias, but she was the first I recognized and always looked for her on MVs. It was a shock, even for non Soshis like me. I kept following the news about her, cheering for her success. So when she announced she’d make a solo debut I was so happy. Really, really happy. Yesterday the MV of “Fly” was released, and all my anxiety ended.

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