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I’m back with another MV review! Well, I knew K-pop in 2009 with Super Junior. Being an ELF since then, I always dreamed with a Yesung’s solo, one of the most beautiful voices of Korea. And for my happiness [and of the entire fandom], he released his mini album “Here I Am” in April. And that is the MV I’ll talk about today.

The waiting has finally over! After almost 2 year since “Ace”, our maknae Taemin is back with his 1st full album “Press It”. And yesterday, the MV for the title track “Press Your Number” was released. “Drip Drop” was just another way for SM give us a heart attack. This review is a bunch of opinions of a ultimate Taemint that couldn’t even think straight anymore. This is my “theory”.

Hello beautiful people! Starting from today, this week on MLD will be a retrospective of 2015. And today I’ll tell you what were my favorite MVs released this year – and it wasn’t easy to pick only 10. There’s no order of preference on this list, I really put only those I loves the most. Friendly reminder that this will be my personal opinion. So don’t be mad if I didn’t put your favorite group here. Instead, tell me on the comments your own list of favorites <3

I’m having some kind of writer’s block, but here we go. THEY’RE BACK! YES! After all the drama, the lawsuit against TS Ent and 9 months of hiatus, our dearest and beautiful B.A.P are back with an album and a new MV. The lawsuit started in November 2014 and officially ended in August. But the comeback only happened last month, on November 13th [I also consider it as a late birthday gift]

I got VIXX’s comeback as my birthday gift! [yes, my birthday was in November 10th, same day as Leo’s] [fate] Ok, I’m just kidding, but they are back!! They already had MVs with a dark theme, with voodoos, human robots, and also happy and catchy songs. And now they’re back with a more serious MV… and very sexy. I’ll try to control my feelings.

Since 2013, we had these news about a new girl group that JYP would release. And after two long years, we finally had the debut of Twice <3 But before start to talk about the video, I’ll talk about the girls. They’re all so young – their ages are between 16 and 20 years old [17 and 21, in Korean age]. Among the nine girls, five of them are Korean, three Japanese and one Taiwanese-Chinese, and they’re all so pretty <3 and although it’s kind of a big group, it’s

Ok so I’ll ignore all the list of things I was planning to write and post here in MLD for one single reason: Kim Dongwan is back. It’s not on purpose that this is the second MV review and again with a Shinhwa member. It just happened, I just watched the video and I really need to talk about it. Shinhwa is all perfection, what can I do? After SEVEN years without releasing an album [just singles], Dongwan’s back with the mini album “D”, released today [October 21, in Korea].

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