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[ENG] Wonder Girls – Reboot

[ENG] Wonder Girls – Reboot


After an almost 3 years hiatus, and after Sohee and leader Sunye oficially left the group, goddesses Yubin, HyeRim, YeEun and Sunmi [welcome back] get back with “Reboot”, the third Wonder Girls’ full album. And I just kneeled and thanked heaven, because it-is-wonderful.

But before I start to talk about the album, let’s remember the teasers. Wonder Girls didn’t back as the group we knew, and I’m not only talking about the members. They’re now a band, and at first I was like “What? How?”

So JYP started posting individuals teasers and all my doubts were answered and all my cells just exploded. And I thought that they couldn’t be any better.





AND THIS WASN’T ENOUGH. They get back to ’80’s and took all of us together. All of their new musics have this style, and I thought I would miss songs like “Be My Baby”. Buuuut as soon as I heard [and watched] “I Feel You”, I knew I woudn’t be disappointed.

I’m already leaving the MV, ‘cause is so great and they’re so wonderful that I think everybody show watch. A million times.

Ok, so let’s talk a little bit about the songs [following the tracklist]:

Baby don’t play would be so great as the title, absolutely. It stucks in your mind for the whole week, it’s great and I loved the lyrics. Candle deserves an MV! JYP please make this happen. I listened to it on repeat, and what’s even better: the coreography! It’s just as perfect as the song.

I didn’t like Paloalto’s rap that much, I think Yubin could do it a lot better. But that’s ok, the music’s still perfect. And the lyrics… I saw what you did there girls…

I feel you it’s not my favorite, I think it’s not even in my Top 3. I LOVED IT, before you think I’m crazy. I loved the “And the Wonder Girls… We’re back!” at the beginning, I got so emotional… but I just didn’t like it THAT much. But it’s catchy and the performances were awesome, so let me clap.

Although they learned to play instruments and do live performances with them, they didn’t play for the album recording. I got so sad when I read this…

When you hear Rewind you already know that is a break-up song, and about the memories that keep getting back. I loved the lyrics so much, even though it’s really sad.

I hear Loved and John Doe a loooooot. This whole album is great, you can’t say: “I didn’t like that song, this lyric is bad, the chorus isn’t catchy”. Loved starts with Yubin’s rap and the lyrics are about the end of a relationship – but is not as emotional as “Rewind”. And John Doe is a meeting with a stranger at a party. [I got that by reading the lyrics]

And when I read the lyrics, it seemed that “John Doe” continues in One black night, that is my favorite. OMG! I heard it for a whole day, I loved everything. The drums at the beginning, the chorus and the end of the chorus all in English. The “We rock it, roll it, swing it, drop it, take it, blow it, shake it, shot” part made me remember of Teen Top’s “Rocking”, and I think that this made me love the song even more.


Back is a Yubin and HyeRim duet, and when I heard it for the first time I didn’t like. But at the second chance I just listened to it on repeat. The lyrics are so good, really snnobish – just like every rap song. They talk about how good it is to be back, and that the other groups should be prepared. It’s Wonder Girls, they can say it.

Oppa is HyeRim’s solo and it’s so fun! It starts with a phone call, and she says to her boyfriend that she’ll go out at night and he gets mad. The whole song is an answer to him, ‘cause she wants to have fun. It’s great to jump around the house singing it.

And then we have a sequence of slower songs: When love tries to leave [사랑이 떠나려 ] it’s another emotional music, but I didn’t listen to it as much as “Rewind”. Gone is the saddest song, and the lyrics are also really sad. And This moment [이순] is the only balad. Their vocals were AMAZING, and I just loved it so much that I can’t stop listening.

This review gets bigger than I thought, but I had to share my love with “Reboot” with you all. You can download the album here, so you can also fell in love.

See you next time!


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