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[ENG] JunJin – Wow wow wow

[ENG] JunJin – Wow wow wow

Let’s talk about MV! And nobody better than one of the emperors of k-pop to be here!

Do you have a minute to listen to JunJin’s word?

When I heard that our beautiful JunJin would make his solo comeback with a mini album I almost cried. Because we had the amazing, wonderful, perfect and blessed Shinhwa comeback this year. So, a mini album of one of them is like winning the lottery. Twice.


Ok, let me talk spazz about “Wow wow wow” MV.


It starts with him walking down through an… empty parking? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter. He’s just walking and he can kill you by doing that. Every time he looked at the camera I felt my heart stopping, I had a lot of mini heart attacks.

The dance. Ok let’s take a break. JunJin is now 36 years old [Korean age], 17 of them being a singer, rapper and dancer in Shinhwa. And he still dances as if he was 20! I loved the choreography, and I have to say that my favorite part was: the fingers. I tried to do that but my brain just freezed. I think it’s easier to dance EXO’s “History”.

I don’t know if you can see it in the gif, but ok here it is.

junjingif (2)

The chorus: it stucks in your head, hugs you, kiss you and will marry you. I bet that everyone who listened to it will keep singing “Lookin’ at Lookin’ at Lookin’ at u” for the rest of the month. Or the rest of their lives.

Eric’s rap. When I saw “Wow wow wow feat. Eric” I thought: “Ok that’s it, goodbye world, my time has come”. But when it’s finally the emperor leader, the king of our orange hearts, what do we see? A weird black water vibrating by the beat [?!?!?!?!]. I got so disappointed that I almost flipped my computer. But then I thought “Oh it’s better this way. If I saw Eric and JunJin together I would just explode”. 3, 2, 1, boom.


The MV doesn’t really have a plot, although we see that beautiful girl and  both of them meeting at a dinner. Is basically just JunJin being sexy, dancing and destroying every single cell of your body just looking at the camera, and he goes away walking in the direction of the light of heaven. [wtf]

I was expecting a lot more from the lyrics, but that’s ok. He talks about falling in love without thinking twice, and that the girl will fall in love with him by the moment she puts her eyes on him:

“I will be the light in an exhausting world

‘Cause every time I catch you by my side

Your eyes that look at me just go

Wow wow wow wow wow ~wow”

He really knows what the fans feels…

What else can I say? JunJin is a Korean God, and he can wait five years to make another comeback, ‘cause I need to get better. No. Please make a comeback as soon as possible. A MV for “60 seconds” would be amazing.

Oh by the way, the mini album is great! Just 5 songs [“60 Seconds”, “Wow wow wow”, “On my own”, “You” and “You’re the only one that I need”], and the last two are ballads to make you cry a lot. JunJin’s voice is so perfect that it could end a war.

JunJin is.. wow [ok sorry I HAD to say this]


Ok I talked a lot, spazzed even more, but I feel better sharing this crazy Shinhwa Changjo moment with you all.

Just one more thing: I made 8 gifs to put here, but WordPress decided to screw their qualities, so I didn’t use any of them [just one]. So I used other images I have, sorry about it ok?

See you next time! xoxo, Dora.

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