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[ENG] SHINee – Odd

[ENG] SHINee – Odd

I’m FINALLY back, with a fix schedule of posts to do here in MLD, so you can be sure that I’ll be here every week, with two or even three new posts! [yeeeeey]

This post was supposed to be here for a while, but I was always delaying it for one single reasons I knew I would write a lot. But please, don’t feel too lazy to read it!

Now, let’s start talking about the 4th full album of the shining SHINee, “Odd”!

[friendly reminder that theses reviews are just my personal opinions, about what I understood of the lyrics and what I liked/disliked about the songs]

When we talk about SHINee songs, is really hard to say what we can expect. Because they always come with a new concept, new songs that doesn’t really fit in one single kind of music. I’m not saying it just because I’m a Shawol, the critics also say it a lot. SHINee has its own color.

And with “Odd” wasn’t different. All the songs gives you a good feelings, and I remember that when I first heard it I felt so happy. [and yeah I’ll be really emotional here, so excuse me]

[this is a picture of the fandom when the album was released]
[this is a picture of the fandom when the album was released]

Starting with “Odd eye”, the music talks about this person that hides from the others, who has diferente eyes – an unique look, but they ask her not to hide its misteries. [I didn’t understand the lyrics really well, it’s really repetitive tbh]

The reason why everyone avoids you
It’s because of jealousy, so don’t be lonely

You don’t have to say it
Your eyes already told me your secret
Slowly turn your head, look into my eyes
In the end, you stole all the eyes in this place

The next is “Love sick”, which is a sequel of “Replay”. For those who doesn’t know, “Replay” is SHINee’s first song, released in 2008, and it talks about a boy who fell in love with a older girl.

Noona* is so pretty,
Guys won’t leave her alone
Her heart’s shaking – I know her true feelings
My love for her is just an instant feeling
Whatever anyone says, she’s my life

[*this is how Korean boys calls a older girl]

This is the first part of “Replay”. Seven years later, “Love Sick” continues:

You’re so pretty, do you know?
You’re still my everything in my life
How many years has it been?
You kept joked around, saying I was like a brother
But you changed and now you’re my girl

This song is so beautiful, it talks about how their relationship grew up and how love got him sick [but in a good way ok?]. honestly, to me, it felt like they talk about their fans, because after all these years together, the relationship between SHINee and theirs fans got stronger and we’re still together.

You can watch a stage here <3

Then, we have the title song “View”. I understood that the lyrics talks about new experiences, notbeing afraid to hide who you really is, and enjoy the new view and the night. Talks about that we’re all different when we have the freedom to choose, and when we don’t have anyone watching us. The MV was different from everything that SHINee has done, it has a deep meaning with fame and all those things. And is one of my favorite videos ever, being really honest. I could talk about it here, but let’s continue with the song.

I feel that you’ve become sensitive
The soft touch and endless senses
Tonight is the night
It’s alright if it’s weird
The moment you pass the limit of your sleeping senses

I really liked the message in this music. <3

“Romance” is such a nice song – talking about the hope to meet the person again. To me, they’ve met on the streets and he wants to see her again asap.

If I go back
What will happen to us?
If it’s not this place or this day
Where can I see you?
This isn’t a vague promise
I like being clear
I want you girl

It’s not my favorite music in the álbum – I think that the “shubiru pu pu pi ru” part is too repetitive and it gets kinda boring. But it’s also this part that makes me sing this song all day long. [can you understand this?]


The lyric that surprised me the most was “Trigger”. I was already expecting something about a break up, ot a stronger feeling like angry – because of the style of the music and because Jonghyun starts singing “never said I’m a saint”. We can’t understand what happened with the couple, but their relationship ends – in a tragic way.

You were like an angel but you’re the Lucifer of the night
Love has broken to pieces
What more can I do?
It’ll be the last, only request

The whole song is he saying that the nightmare will end, as soon as her hands stops shaking and she pulls the trigger.

Aim accurately for me, yeah
Finish me, pull it
Then wipe away your red hands, turn around and walk
Baby what you waiting for?
Even the darkness welcomes me tonight

Why so much violence SHINee?

Now, getting back to the old and sad feelings about a break up, we have “Farewell my love”. It’s the first slow-tempo song in the album, almost a time for you to breath between so many feelings.

Just like you can’t hide love
(I can feel it all)
You can’t hide breakups
(Because it hurts more)
Just like how things change the moment you start love
Breaking up is like that too

This song is SO beautiful, I heard it on repeat for so many times, and their voices are so much better. And since I’m already talking about it, the next song was really emotional for me – in so many ways.

“An ode to you is a tribute for us fans. It talks about all the years we’re together and they thanks us for it. I was really amazed with Minho’s voice, he’s getting so much better. He deserves to sing more lines <3 [and I can’t talk about this song without crying, so I’ll stop]

I’m calling out your name
Ringing it throughout the night sky
With a voice that only you can hear, I’ll quietly call out
There are so many things I want to say
A lot of time passed
But I missed you
I’ll smile and say hello

Absolutely one of SHINee’s songs I love the most.


After these “sad” songs, we have “Alive”, and again I think it’s about the fans.

When you shine, the world moves
It comes to life and moves
When that blue light shines
I feel that I am alive
I am the most myself
You’re an amazing miracle
You’ve never wanted a better me
When you shine, I become a light

[*SHINee’s lighstick color is pearl acqua blue. So I understood that they’re talking about their lights during the concerts]

The most fun song for me is “Woof woof”. It’s is so funny and nonsense, I always imagine a musical show when I hear it – with them dressed like dogs. No, I’m not crazy. It’s written in the lyrics:

Even if I follow you, don’t avoid me
I keep wagging my tail
I can’t stop
My heart softly melted
You were dazzling

Actually, they are dressed as dogs on the stages – but only the ears. I wish they were dressed just like the back dancers. I really love this song, reeeeeally.

“Black hole” is one of their cute songs, and it talks about this atraction for the girl. Not just the physic attraction, but an attraction that pushes him to her. When their eyes met, everything is dark and he could only see her. It’s a really romantic song, I liked it so much.

Yes, you’re a black hole
I can’t escape this attraction
It’s that kind of attraction
You are my black hole
It’s a dream I can’t wake up from
You’re my dream


And for the ending we have “An encore”. Because they got so used to each other, the relationship gets weak and they break up. It’s such a sad song, because the hope to get back together already ended. But still, if I close me eyes I can imagine this song at the end of a concert [cries]

Like paint spreading
It becomes clearer by the day
It’s like time is ticking backwards
Things become even clearer
After I cross the river of memories
I thought I would forget
But now I threw away that useless belief and hope

I couldn’t find a good fancam of this song in a concert, but all of the stages are so beautiful <3 [all the fancams I found was focusing in one member]


Yeeees, I’ll also talk about the repack songs, that was released in July with four new musics.

The title-song is “Married to the music”, and it got the award of most freak SHINee MV [but in a very good way, I loved this video so much]. It reminded me of Michal Jackson’s “Thriller”, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. The MV is really fun, the dance is great and the music stays in your mind even if you only listened to it once. I wish they had promoted MTTM for more time.

I’m married to the music
It’s amazing
You are my music
The moment I wanted and dreamed of every day
Oh baby
We’re falling deeper in our rhythm

“Savior” is really fun, the kind of song you listen on repeat because the rhythm is great. It talks about a new love that saved him, but at the same time is a cruel love.

Everything you want, you take from me
Darling, you’re cruel
The only thing that remains is my burnt heart


You’re a great gift
I wanna hold you in one arm and spin around
Please be gentle
Softly come to me, you’re breathtaking

What love isn’t cruel right?

And “Hold you” it’s about a one sided love, but he still have hopes that this situation changes. I loved this song so much I wish it was in “Odd”, not only in “MTTM” repack.

I’m thinking of you
Are you the same?
Does your heart flutter when you see me?
As if it’s nothing, you’re pushing me away
You don’t know
Don’t you run from me

The last repack song is “Chocolate”, a sweet love, addicting and that makes us dizzy. I LOVED this music, but I have to confess that I took a long time to give it the right attention. But when I listened to it again and again it became my favorite.

Baby baby like the starlight
Love spills down on you and me
I’ll sip a mouthful of your beautiful lips
You’re so sweet, breathtaking, I’m dizzy



OMG I really wrote so much! If you read it all, thank you so much!

My favorites are “Love sick”, “Trigger” and “Chocolate”. And yours? Please let me know! <3 [you can talk with me, I’ll reply!!]

See you all next time!


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