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[ENG] B.A.P – Young, Wild & Free

[ENG] B.A.P – Young, Wild & Free

I’m having some kind of writer’s block, but here we go.


After all the drama, the lawsuit against TS Ent and 9 months of hiatus, our dearest and beautiful B.A.P are back with an album and a new MV. The lawsuit started in November 2014 and officially ended in August. But the comeback only happened last month, on November 13th [I also consider it as a late birthday gift]

Let me just take a break to say what I think about it: I can’t say I’m completely happy with them going back to TS. After all those scandals with their payments, we all are a bit suspicious with the agency. BUT we’ll never know what actually happened and what are their new agreements and contracts right? If they’re happy there, let’s cheer, support and love them. And the best of all is that they’re all together [I was really afraid of one of them giving up.

We finally got them back on “Young, Wild & Free” MV. This video doesn’t have a story line like the other B.A.P’s MVs. It basically show them singing and dancing – and we don’t need anything else than this right? They could be just singing on the floor and I’d love it.

There are many different scenarios in this video, but I could ony pay attention on how beautiful they are [even more!] /cries/ OMG I really missed them. The part with Zelo and Himchan together was so great – and sometimes I forget how deep Himchan’s voice is [and I keep confusing his voice with Bang’s, I confess]

We also see a lion inside a cage and they all singing outside. [I like to think that the lion represents TS]

The part I loved the most was Bang’s rap. Seriously, when I was listening for the first time my heart stopped. He alone upon those yellow words [that are parts of the song], and later blindfolded surrounded by cameras. I couldn’t find any sense on it, but it was such a great scene.

I get up even if I’m beat to the ground
You only live young once
Just look forward and keep running
Burn up this youth that has bloomed so dangerously

There’s a break from the seriousness of the video and we see them playing with paints and sprays in a room full of white plastics. Renovation? Hope? I don’t know. But seeing they smiling was so good <3

Credit: myungxxs [Tumblr]

Ok the most BIZARRE part was Youngjae in front of a body covered with a white sheet. And he uncovers the body, we see himself dead? WEIRD. It might have some hidden message like “my old me is dead”, I don’t know, I’m making out stuffs. But it was so weird.

And the most WHAT IS HAPPENING parte was: baby Zelo opening his jacket and showing off his thin body. No, cancel this, HE CAN’T DO THISM HE’S JUST A BABY. /freaking out/. But he showed us what he can do best: dance and rap <3 [and yeah he’s my bias]


Credit: michveo [Tumblr]

And the part he sings is so great I’ll leave the translation here too:

Young, Wild & Free, be confident
We’ll make it
This isn’t the end
Break through the prejudice, yup
Leggo, just go with the time flow
Burn up this youth that has bloomed so dangerously

I just loved this part so much, I don’t even know why.

But the most beautiful part [for me] was their mini Happy Holi. There were so natural in this video, more than any other they’ve already made.


This is such a great and beautiful MV, watch it!

And on Sunday 30th TS released their dance practice <3

I know I didn’t talk much, there wasn’t so much to talk about the MV and I didn’t want to narrate it. I am REALLY happy about their comeback. And I hope to see them really often on 2016, to compensate almost a year of hiatus.

I’ll see you next time <3 


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