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[ENG] Taemin – Press Your Number

[ENG] Taemin – Press Your Number

The waiting has finally over! After almost 2 year since “Ace”, our maknae Taemin is back with his 1st full album “Press It”. And yesterday, the MV for the title track “Press Your Number” was released.

“Drip Drop” was just another way for SM give us a heart attack.

This review is a bunch of opinions of a ultimate Taemint that couldn’t even think straight anymore. This is my “theory”.

But first let’s talk about the lyrics. “Press Your Number” is about a break up, but he still waits her to pick up the phone – or call him. And by the way, Taemin wrote this song <3

The parts I loved the most were:

 Body heat that felt vividly at this fingertip
The small hand that always felt warm
I hold onto the blurred memory
My anxious heart searches for you girl


Once more again, Press your number
Please answer
Even if you leave me for now it will only be for a short while
I can feel it. Let me hear it.
Please whisper again to my ears

And another great thing about this music is: it was composed by Bruno Mars, and produced by Team Stereotypes <3

Now, let me talk about the MV:

It starts with vivid colors, in shades of pink and green, and we can see two Taemins. The first scene shows Taemin inside a car with two other boys, in front of a convenience store. Taemin goes inside and assault the place.


After running away from there, we see the car colided in a tree, and Taemin’s alone inside it. He looks at the gun in his hand as if he doesn’t understand what it was doing there.


The scenary changes and we see three guys in this mansion, throwing dollar bills in the air – and Taemin doesn’t look happy.

OFF: he looks like a truly prince in this mansion <3 it were the scenes I loved the most, him dancing in that suit.

Another Taemin appears in the bedroom, using the phone, and then walking through the corridor holding a blue rose. By the way, the blue roses had already appeared before, so I took a special attention on them.


11 12

Then, we see the girl of the convenience store tied up in the room’s floor. Taemin goes to her and leaves the blue roses beside her.

The scene completely changes and we’re back to the collided car, and is Taemin who’s tied up and really hurt in the trunk, surrounded with blue roses.


Another change of scenes [this MV was so fast] and Taemin is running away from the police with the other guys that we’d already seen. They’re all arrested, but Taemin scaped.

In a flash, we see the girl and Taemin together, but it’s only for a second. Taemin appears walking and gives a lot of money for a guy and receives a suitcase. What’s inside it? That’s right, blue roses.

And this is where the MV gets really confusing. The girl tied up in the room is replaced by Taemin, and the same inversion happens at the convenience store scene – is was Taemin at the cashier. The mansion party appears in black and white, we see thief-Taemin and hostage-Taemin together in the car, the camera goes upside down while Taemin walks through the mansion.


26 24

At the end, Taemin throws a whole gas gallon on the car and puts fire on it.


WHAT WAS REALLY HAPPENING ON THIS VIDEO? I honestly don’t know. BUT I was with a very important thing on my mind. On 17th, Taemin made a broadcast on VApp, talking a little bit about his comeback, his full album, and commented a few things about “Press Your Number” MV.

One of the questions he answered there was: what the blue roses means? And he said that, since blue roses don’t exist, they represent something that’s not real.

Those roses were shown through the whole video, and another blue thing was really evident: the contact lenses that Taemin was using. It might be just a random thing, but for me it was on purpose.

So, does this means that it was all his imagination, or a dream? Maybe. Maybe not. Like I said, I didn’t understand the whole MV, but this was one of the opinions I saw on twitter. There are a lot of other theories, like he has multiple personalities. So, be free to search for them and choose the one that suits your mind better ;D

Taemin – Press your number

Now, let my fangirl side write: a lot of you know that Taemin is my ultimate bias, he’s in a golden pedestal on my bias ranking. So you can imagine how happy, excited and, above everything, how proud I am with this comeback. Taemin was once told that he wasn’t made for singing, just for dancing, because he was a deaf-tone person [this was before the debut and during some years after it].

And little by little he was improving, receiving more line on songs, and for me, the “Why So Serious?” era showed his true potencial. In 2014, he debuted as a solo, before the other on SHINee, and that was enough to prove a lot of people that he IS able to sing, as good as he dances.

Now, “Press It” has 10 songs, two of them wrote by him. Proving one more time how much he overcome those bad comments, how much he worked on his album.

I talked too much. Sorry, but I can’t control myself when I talk about Taemin.

What was your opinion on “Press Your Number”? Does my theory makes sense? Or am I crazy?

The album is already out, and is available on Spotify!!

Leave me a comment with your thoughts <3

See you next time!


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