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[ENG] Boys Republic – Get down

[ENG] Boys Republic – Get down

After nine months, Universal’s boys are back! Boys Republic came back with a totally different concept, comparing with the romantic “Hello”, their last release.

What can I say? I loved! But…

For those who follow My Little Diamonds on instagram, knows that I posted this photo saying that one of the things I wanted the most in 2016 was Boys Republic’s comeback. Do you know who liked the photo? Sunwoo!! I cried, I confess. Certainly they were already preparing the comeback MV and the mini album. And it was all announced so fast! Last week we came to know that the comeback would be on March 30th, and on the same day [March 22th] they released the album preview. TOO MANY EMOTIONS.

So, about “Get down”. We see all of them with serious expressions, because this MV is a lot more mature from their usual videos – is also 19 rated.


This is the plot: we see Minsu in a room full of televisions, watching a lot of women surrounded by men with guns and other weapons, and they’re also wearing masks to hide their faces. And Suwoong is holding a photography of these men, and then he stabs a knife on the image.

Watching it for the first time I couldn’t get the whole plot [I could only scream and fangirl], but then I talked to a friend and we came to the conclusion of: those women were being forced to stay with those men, because they were directly
threatening them, rubbing their guns on them. So, the boys go to save the ladies, and this is the part the MV gets more violent.

I won’t give any spoiler, so watch it:

The lyrics doesn’t have a “story”, is more a talk with a person who’s a villain, that causes pain.You’re human, you can make mistakes”.

[this was my interpretation of the song ok? As I said, it doesn’t have a story to go through]

My heart is broken into pieces, time has stopped
No expression on my face, the air has gotten cold
I’ll close my eyes so just stay where you are
Yeah, you’re human, you can make mistakes

Don’t even open your mouth, you’re guilty guilty, clearly guilty

Don’t take a step away from here, you’re guilty guilty, clearly guilty

Did you think I’d say, ok, that’s fine

No, Stop and freeze Stop and freeze

I can’t do what you want

No, Stop and freeze Stop and freeze


The choreography is amazing, I really love Boys Republic’s dances. And on March 31th, the dance practice was also released: 

My opinion: I really loved! However, since the video is produced by Universal [yeah, that Universal from movies], the visual effects were reeeeally fake [the blood spiting on the screen made me laugh]. Minsu with that black stripe on his eyes were looking like a rackoon [but this is not bad, he’s beautiful anyway]. Was I the only one who clearly get that Mad Max reference when they put silver spray on their mouths before break into the hideout? [I hated it, but just because I hate the movie. Not sorry]

But we can’t deny that the quality of Boys Republic’s videos are really awesome! And thanks Universal for putting my bias Suwoong in front of the dance <3 kekekeke

My grade is 9/10, was a really amazing comeback and I really hope Boys Republic gets more attention <3 they deserved it!!

What was your opinion after watching “Get down”? I’d love to know! Leave a comment, I promise I won’t bite.

See you next time!!



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