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[ENG] Yesung – Here I Am

[ENG] Yesung – Here I Am

I’m back with another MV review!

Well, I knew K-pop in 2009 with Super Junior. Being an ELF since then, I always dreamed with a Yesung’s solo, one of the most beautiful voices of Korea. And for my happiness [and of the entire fandom], he released his mini album “Here I Am” in April.

And that is the MV I’ll talk about today.

As expected, the music is a sentimental ballad, filled with Yesung’s powerful voice. And the MV has a story <3

Yesung is packing up his things, probably will move from his house. When he receives the visit of two ladies [maybe interested in buying the house], his ex-girlfriend appears together with them.

Only then we start to see flashbacks from their relationship. It was such a sweet and pure love, it’s impossible not to feel sorry thinking that’s over.

He reminds of details about her, like the way she wears her shoes or how her hair keeps getting untied. But she also remember about the two little dolls they drew together, and she closes the faucet he left open. You can see and feel they’re still suffering.

Almost at the end of the music, Yesung’s crying. If you didn’t feel an urge to cry together, I’m sure you’re soulless! It’s such a heartbreaking scene.

The end of the MV is open, so I’m not sure if they get back together. So watch it and get your answer <3

The lyrics are also full of feelings. After drinking a little [he said that he was feeling a little bit drunk], he walks on the street he passes everyday, and he feels his arm empty. First, he thinks he lost his watch. And then he says:

It’s not the watch’s fault
I couldn’t even feel your touch on my arm

While he was walking, he realized that there were many thing she liked on that way, so he pick up some to give as gift:

Open the door, here I am
Why don’t you know?
I bought the plant and flowers that you like
Look, I’m wearing the shirt you bought me
Everything has come back except for your scent
Only you’re not here, so open the door

I really loved Yesung’s solo debut, I was really proud. And I loved to see the Label SJ symbol appearing at the corner <3

The mini album is amazing! My favorite song is “My Dear”, only the guitar and his soft voice. You can listen the album on Spotify or download it here.

That’s it! I hope you liked this review <3

See you next time! 


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