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[ENG] AKMU – Re-bye & How people move

[ENG] AKMU – Re-bye & How people move

After 2 years, siblings Chanhyuk and Suhyun are back!! I’m so in love with AKMU since their debut album “Play”, released in 2014. And now, with their mini album “Spring Vol. 1” they made their comeback with two new MVs <3

Both of them are very different, and I can only say they came back even better!


I’ll start talking about “re-bye” because it was my favorite. On this MV, Suhyun is the assistant of a musical actrees, played by the beautiful Lee SungKyung <3 but she’s really snob here, the typical famous and arrogant actress.

And Chahyuk also works at the theater, but as a stage assistant [?] [that’s what I understood]. We soon understand that what their both want the most is to be famous too, and the scene that Suhyun imagines is really cute.

The MV plot starts when someone tries to kill the actress by making a luster fall. So, it starts an investigation about it. I really loved this MV so much! *-*


But the lyrics aren’t as cute as the music. It talks about goodbyes, regrets, and the lack of interest of having any other relationships.

I’m used to it, the footsteps coming and going, the goodbyes
I may seem inexperienced but I have nothing to be ashamed of


If I’m only going to end up with disadvantages in my hands
I’d rather say a short and simple goodbye
Tightly shutting the door to my heart, leaving my room completely dark
If your true feelings get revealed, it’s game over, I have to deceive you
I can smell it from here, it smells suspicious

How people move

This MV is super colorful and fun. They both work at a toy store, and one night they got arrested by the robots and toys!

Every time the scenery changes: they’re inside a cage, or walking down infinite stairs, or even dancing with soldiers toys.

Will they be able to escape the toys?


The song is about, literally, how funny is to see our body moving.

It’s cool to see how people move
How their arms and legs go back and forth
How their rib bones show when they take a deep breath
And when they exhale, how people in front frown and pinch their noses
It’s amazing

I’m so glad I’m a human out of all living organisms
What if I was born as a toy?
I wouldn’t be able to move, I don’t even wanna think about it
How does my heart bounce bounce like this?


Although I really loved their comeback, I got so sad when I knew that, as soon as their stages are done, Chanhyuk will enlist in the army. On an interview, he said that he wishes to joing the airlift troops or the Marine Corps. And he also said that he wants YG give his sister a solo album while he’s out. /cries

So let’s cheer that our Lee Chanhyuk go and back safe from the army right?

I hope you all liked this review <3 see you next time!


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