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[ENG] Jessica Jung – Fly

[ENG] Jessica Jung – Fly

When Jessica left SNSD, in August of 2015, I confess I got really sad. She wasn’t my bias, but she was the first I recognized and always looked for her on MVs. It was a shock, even for non Soshis like me. I kept following the news about her, cheering for her success.

So when she announced she’d make a solo debut I was so happy. Really, really happy. Yesterday the MV of “Fly” was released, and all my anxiety ended.

The vídeo starts with Jessica in a bath tub, in the middle of a desert, reading a book. Super normal thing to do. Suddenly a postcard fell from inside the books and it’s an ice mountain – Snow Wonderland. She then decides to go there, of just decides to go out of the desert.

She buys winter clothes, put all of them and she looks like a fuzzy marshmellow <3 so sweetie.

The music is so good, it makes you fell like you can do whatever you want to. Specially the chorus saying “You’re a hero. You can fly”.

The video is so beautiful. The desert, the house where she lives, the scenes with the dancers. Everything is so bright and colorful, just like the song. And she trying to make “snow” in the desert was really cute. 


The lyrics are about chase your dreams, and never give up <3

Just spread your wings

To the end

Follow the sound of your beating heart

Close your eyes

And follow your dreams

 I’m so in love with this MV <3 <3 I still didn’t listen to the album, but I’m sure there will be songs as great as “Fly”. Get them Jessica!

What about you, did you like her solo debut?

I hope you liked this review, and I’ll see you next time!


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