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[ENG] EXO – Lucky One & Monster

[ENG] EXO – Lucky One & Monster

Hello people, how are you? I was in a kind of hiatus here on MLD for many reasons, but I came back today because these two videos deserves reviews, love and all the attention of the world.

Today EXO made the so awaited comeback with two title songs: “Lucky One” and “Monster”. EX’ACT it’s their 3rd studio album, and I’ll already say that it’s one of the best 2016 albums and one of the best K-pop albums I’ve ever heard. It’s simply perfect.

I’ll be short because I really want you all to watch it.

Starting with “Lucky One” which was released first.

Lucky One

We see all of them wearing White clothes and layed down on a laboratory. They are “taken care” by nurses that injects something that make them fell apathetic [they all look tired].

Until they decided to run away, and the video is basically it. They all running and trying to escape, being trapped by the nurses and using their powers to escape. Only one of them is left behind.

Korean version:

Chinese version: [there are different scenes, so watch it!!]

I can’t explain this music style, but it’s really different from everything EXO has released before – and I loved it at first listen. The lyrics are about a love that looks impossible, but he’ll keep fighting to be the lucky one with his loved person.

The moment I rage like the storm

And you stop in my world

You are my only one

The moment I discover you

You shine more radiantly

I’ll be the lucky one


In the same time

Oh, the moment we become one

We’ll be the lucky ones

[these are the Korean lyrics, I couldn’t find the Chinese version]


“Monster” is more violent, and in this video EXO is arrested by the police for being part of a rebellion [?]. I really don’t want to try to explain the plot, it might not be what is really happening.

The scenes intercalate between the past, where all of them have a dinner with Baekhyun, and scenes where the dinner table is destroyed and all of them are already taken away by the cops. [I really loved the scene where Kai is above a bulk of police bodies.]

I’ll also say that “Monster” is already my new favorite song of EXO [taking “Growl” of the 1st place after 3 years!]

Korean version:

Chinese version:

The lyrics are about a possessive love, that took apart all of his sanity and made his monster side come out:

I’m creepin’ in your heart, babe

I’ll flip you over, break you down and swallow you up

I’ll steal you and indulge in you

I’m gonna mess you up

I’m engraved in your heart

So even if I die, I’ll live forever

Come here girl, you call me monster

I’ll go into your heart

 *shivers* I won’t even begin to talk about the dance scenes because I’m not fully recovered!

Time for my personal opinion:

Being completely honest: this was EXO’s best comeback, and one of the best comebacks I’ve ever seen in all these years in K-pop. I was really disappointed with “Call me Baby” and “Love me Right”, because I was expecting so much more of the MVs. But now with “Lucky One” and “Monster” [specially “Monster”] I fell I’ll fall in love with EXO all over again. I’m really proud of them <3

[my opinion ok?]


EX’ACT álbum is already avaiable on Spotify  and for download here


What about you, what did you think about this comeback and their new concept? I really want to know, so please leave a comment! I promise I’ll reply!! <3

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time!



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