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[ENG] Dramaworld

[ENG] Dramaworld

I wouldn’t be an exaggerating to say that at least once you wanted to go inside a K-drama. To steal a kiss from the leading men, to slap the vilain’s face, or to explain to the leading lady everything that she can’t understand. Did you identify to any of this situations?

So I’m absolutely sure you gonna love to watch “Dramaworld”, as original Viki’s serie.

“Dramaworld” is about Claire [Liv Hewson], an American teenagers who’s addicted to K-dramas and completely in love with the actor Joon Park [Sean Dulake]. She spends her days with her cellphone watching Park’s latest drama, “Taste of Love”, and always complains about how boring her life is compared to the fiction life.

So one day, with a touch of magic, Claire is teleported “through” her phone. She goes inside “Dramaworld”, the world of K-dramas, where all the stories she loves to watch happens. And she goes face to face with her beloved Joon Park.

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With the help of the waiter Seth [Justin Chon], Claire founds out that she was actually sent to “Dramaworld” to help Joon Park and Seo Yeon [Bae Noori] to fall in love [they’re the leading couple of “Taste of Love”]. And if it doesn’t happen, K-drama world will cease to exist!

So, she becomes a “facilitator”, second lead characters that help the plot to unroll to the happy ending and the true love’s kiss.





And while she tries to save the world, we watch the story of “Taste of Love”. Of courde we have the bitch villain, the cruel mom, the best friend, and the intern conflit of the leading man – should he follow his dreams of be the heir of the empire his father left?

Of course you count point all the references of K-dramas right? The love triangle, the intrigues, the villain’s plans… All of this are rules that exists in “Dramawolrd”, all written on a book.


This drama is so short [unfortunately], with only 10 episodes with nine to 18 minutes each. I watched in a few hours, and I already want to see it again because it’s so cool – and there’s a totally unexpected plot twist! As a K-drama fan, I’ve already been in situations that I really wanted to go inside my notebook just to arrange all the mess that the characters made [there’s always that one episode where everything goes wrong right?]

Another really nice thing in “Dramaworld” is the appearance of other K-dramas’s characters, such as  Kim Shin Hyuk [Siwon] of “She was pretty”.


So this is as indication of a mini drama for you to watch. Is really fun, and it made me think even more about: what would I do if I were teleported to a K-drama? You can waitch it here on Viki <3 

What about you? What would you do, and what K-drama would you like to be teleported to? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time!


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