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[ENG] Why do I love MonstaX so much?

[ENG] Why do I love MonstaX so much?

 [FIRST OF ALL: this is a very personal text, so please respect everything I wrote here. I chose to post it on tumblr instead of my K-pop blog, where I also post English texts, just… I don’t know, I wanted to. So. Here I am.]

It’s been a while since I thought about writing about this, but I’ve never had the guts to do it. Since it’s very personal, I tried to “hide” it, but I’m feeling more comfortable now.

Well, not anyone know about it, but me and my family are going through a very hard time, involving my mom’s health. I won’t tell details, but the thing is: the problem started in May, and only at the end of June we discovered what was wrong, and my mom’s in treatment for almost a month. We know she’ll get through this, we have faith and she’s a very strong woman.

I just did this introduction because it was in this context I’ve came to know MonstaX. I’ve seen their “All In” MV before and really liked their style, and also listened to other songs on Spotify playlists and etc, but never really went to look up for their albums. Until one day when I was watching some Vines, and I thought: “I need to find their variety shows, they’re so funny!”


And that was how I get to know the seven boys, watching their variety shows. I started with “Right Now”, in which they travel and have to make tasks and challenges written by other idols. And after it I watched 1theK’s “Deokspatch”. No, I didn’t watch “No Mercy”, because I only knew about this show after watching “Right Now” [but I still want to watch it, even though I already know who debuted and who didn’t]

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They really helped me to go through the hard days, when I could only cry or feel sad. And little by little I fell in love with them, one by one, and by the stupid things they did [because this is what Kpop is made of, the stupid things idols do sdfasidfcksdnfh]

I am not the best fan of world, I don’t know anything about them [like their birthday dates, their full names, etc]. I also didn’t watch all of their MVs, and also didn’t read or watched their interviews. It doesn’t make be less fan, less Monbebe, and it really doesn’t make me love them less.

From the moment they came into my life, in my daily life, I just fell in love. I spent all June listening to their albums, without listening to the other groups I love so much. Of course I was following Kpop news [but with all those things happening at home, I couldn’t watch a lot of MVs and that’s why my blog isn’t that much uploaded].


What I meant to say here is how much MonstaX helped me go through such a hard and sad moment – and they still do. Watching those variety shows, laugh until tears came, miss them after an episode ended or when I had to do other things…

This is something Kpop give to us. The chance to get to know at least a little bit of our idols, and the chance to turn off from the “real world” and spend some time watching something that makes us laugh and forget about everything else.

That’s what MonstaX did, and I’m eternally grateful. To Jooheon, ShowNu, Minhyuk, I.M, Wonho, Hyungwon and Kihyun.

[and just for your info: it was so hard to chose a bias, so I’ve chosen two: Jooheon and Minhyuk. I can’t be judged, it’s impossible to choose only one. And the bias wrecker is ShowNu]

If you read it all, thank you. I really wanted to share how much MonstaX became special to me, even if I had to share a little bit of my personal life with you all.

And I’ll make a review of “Stuck”, just wait a little more.

I have to focus on house chores + college + studies, so I [still] can’t dedicate 100% of my time on my Kpop blog. But I’ll try my best from now on, I swear.

Once again thank you very much for reading it!

@MaknaeHunter [yup that’s my twitter]


Right Now 

Deokspatch [2014, with “No Mercy” trainees] 

DeokspatchX [already as MonstaX] 

DekspatchX² [2nd season] 



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