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[ENG] MonstaX – Stuck

[ENG] MonstaX – Stuck

LOOK WHO’S BACK WITH A REVIEW! [If you don’t know why I’m a hiatus here on MLD, read this post. And it’s about why I love MonstaX so much]

So let me talk about my babies.

Unlike the previous MV [“All In”], “Stuck” doesn’t have a plot or a story [by the way, I still didn’t understand “All In” keke]. In this video, we see them all in Los Angeles, walking by themselves on the streets and dancing in an abandoned building. That’s it.

Is basically a performance video, and it’s so beautiful. Did I suffer? A lot. Do they look beautiful? OF COURSE. Did I scream? Yes.

But this is basically what every fangirl does, so I’m normal. I was also feeling bad because I couldn’t even look at Jooheon [bias], and it’s all ShowNu’s fault [bias wrecker]. He took all my breath away!!

The lyrics will talk about the 1st love anxious feeling, that becomes an obsession.

You know that I care about you a lot

That I get nervous even if I close my eyes for a second

When I look at you, feels like I’ll run out of breath

How are you so chillingly pretty?”


Only obsessed with you

But I’m not dangerous so baby don’t worry

I’m only obsessed with you

If I can have you, I’ll do anything

I don’t think I can do anything without you

I can’t live a day without you

I’m gonna try to handle you

I’m not dangerous so baby don’t worry


Watch it here!!

And the dance practice is out too! [just to make us suffer again in other ways]


I know this is a very short post, and a very late one, but this week I’ll come back with more reviews. Late or not, I’ll write about them with all my love. [and again, I explained why I’m late with reviews on the post I linked at the beginning of this review]

Thank you so much for reading it, and I’ll see you next time!


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