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[ENG] HyunA – How’s this + Morning glory

[ENG] HyunA – How’s this + Morning glory

Another MV review, of another video I could only watch today.

When the news about 4Minute’s disband was out, I was obviously sad. And I promised to keep supporting the girls and HyunA in her solo career [since she’s my ultimate female bias]. But when “How’s this” was released, I was completely out of time to watch it, and that’s why I only saw it today.

And I loved it! A lot! It has the same “Roll deep” vibe, and the MV is quite similar, with all the party and twerks.

People insist calling HyunA with ugly names, since she’s sensual and her songs always having provocative dances. But this is what she does best! And HyunA herself said in an interview that this is not a bad thing:


And she says it clearly in the song:

I don’t like it when there’s no feeling

When I get the feeling, it’s right away

I have nothing to hide

I have nothing more to avoid

I don’t think about anything else

This moment right now is what’s important

Please stop telling me what to do

I’ve always been like this

Don’t try to fit me inside

useless judgements, it’s not fun

Don’t trap me in your

gross standards, it’s not interesting

Watch the MV <3

Who also wants to learn the choreography?

Dancing and twerking does not makes you a whore! NEVER let anyone say this to you ok?

Last week, HyunA also released the “Morning glory” MV, a really cute video of her traveling, shopping [and I had the feeling that it was filmed while she was doing the photoshoot for this comeback]. She’s completely adorable ;3;

If I’m with you

the world will approve

that we are perfect together

I make them

imagine all the time

If they see me they think of

the trumpet that brings happy news


And what about you, did you like HyunA’s comeback? Let me know!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next time!


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