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[ENG] VIXX – Fantasy

[ENG] VIXX – Fantasy


Hello world! How are you?

Ok first of all, this was a very difficult review to write, and I had to think a lot before posting it. Because I think it will be incomplete and I’m feeling really bad about it.

But since it’s about VIXX, I need to talk about them [‘cause they’re one of my favorite Top 10 groups], and I couldn’t leave “Fantasy” out of it.

“But Dora you didn’t talk about ‘Dynamite’ that was released months ago”. I know. Sorry. I didn’t like it so much, so I didn’t want to write some kind of negative review about a group that I love so much.

Enough talking, let’s comment about “Fantasy”.

When the teasers started to be released I got SO anxious, but also a little bit “afraid”. The MV teasers for “Dynamite” were also really dark, but the video itself was colorful and cheerful. So I was afraid that this would happen again.

BUT “Fantasy” really came with a dark concept that I love so much on VIXX [to me, this is their “face” concept, and it’s the one I love the most].

Like I said before, this review will be kind of empty because: I dind’t understand the MV. I really tried to think about a plot, or something to write here, but I don’t know nothing at all. I’d rather keep my silence instead of talking some no sense just to fill in the blank. I’m really sorry. [I’m feeling really bad about it]

They released the drama version of the MV, and I got even more confused! But a very nice reader sent me a link of their interview talking about “Fantasy”, and Ravi said that “The MV is is about leaving for the dark world [underwold] to search for a love potion to make ‘her’, our lover, love us back”. Check out the full interview here.


However, I really wanted to say that this MV was so amazing, beyond all my expectations, and it messed up all my list of VIXX’s favorites. “Error” is still my nº 1 MV, and now “Fantasy” is the 2nd and “Chained up” in 3rd.

And the music became my nº1, taking off “Error” from the 1st place [after 2 years!]

Everything about VIXX is amazing. It can be a dark MV or a colorful and happy video, they’re perfect in everything they do. That’s why they deserve so much love.

I’ll leave the MV and the dance practice here, so you can all fall in love too.               


And they also released the dance version: 

The lyrics are about the pain for the lost of a love. But for some reason, I think this music was a little bit more tragic than just about the end of a relationship.

Someone help

I know that it’s over

Someone help

The end of you was me

My fantasy will swallow everything

It’ll change everything


It’s just a fantasy

Pain comes up like thorns

An empty sign like a night that lost the moon

My tragedy, if there’s only one way that opens

Please save me, fantasy



Pain pain

I can be in more pain

Even if I get torn apart and cut by knives

I only need to have you

Your existence is heaven and hell

The standard to divide that line

I promised to be your angel

You need to have me


 That’s it. I hope you liked this review, and if somebody understood the MV plot, PLEASE TELL ME.

I’ll see you next time!


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