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[ENG] MonstaX – Fighter

[ENG] MonstaX – Fighter

They’re back! After a lot of teasers that made us even more anxious, today MonstaX released their new MV “Fighter”.

I’m not here to explain the video, since I didn’t undertand it at all, but just to let you know how much I loved this comeback.

It is a part two for “All In” MV, so if you still didn’t watch it, I suggest you to see it now before “Fighter”.

The only things I understood were: ShowNu was arrested for assaulting the bank, and Minhyuk and Hyungwon were hospitalized for trying suicide. The rest of the MV I really can’t explain, and I’m really bad at trying to put on words what I think was going on on the MV. I’ll keep quiet so I won’t make any mistakes.

Do you need a reason to watch “Fighter”? Mention of “Stranger Things” and Matrix.

Another reason? They all look even more beautiful than usual. I really loved Kihyun’s pink hair, and ShowNu is definitely the biggest bias wrecker of my life.

The song is about never giving up, about keep fighting for love – or any other goal.

If it’s for you I can gladly

Endure everything

I’m determined so just believe

Abit more than yesterday’s me

I want to be stronger


Even if I fall down I can’t ever give up

Even if I fall down again

The shape of your lips gets me back up

My goddess please bring me a victory

‘Cause I’m a champion, champion

‘Cause I’m a fighter, fighter

And it really matches the MV, since they’re all trying to scape from the prison / hospital.

I just wanted to make this quick post, because I’m so proud of them. I really hope they can get a prize for this comeback, it was so perfect <3 I’m already anxious for the dance version MV! And #FIGHTER was on Twitter’s Worldwide Trending Topics for more than an hour! Monbebe fighting!

I hope you like it, and I honestly hope you love the MV as much as I did. See you next time!


Oh, and just a friendly reminder: let’s not compare K-pop groups. I know that there’s some scenes of “Fighter” that looks like EXO’s “Lucky One”, or BTS’s “Run”. Don’t ever say that A group is copying B group.  All of K-pop groups has their good and bad points, and there’s no such thing as a concept being exclusivity of just one group. Ok? Please don’t do it. I’m not talking this as a Monbebe, I’m saying it as a K-popper. It really sucks when I see people comparing and talking shit of other groups because they “copied” another one. Stop it. This is nonsense.

Let’s respect all K-pop groups ok? Please, that’s all I ask.

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