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[Halloween special] Variety shows

[Halloween special] Variety shows

Hello beautiful people! How are you all?

This is the last Halloween special post here on MLD! And this is full of laughs!! 

As I said before, I love Halloween since I was a child, and I really wanted it to become a tradition here in Brazil – even thought I’m the most scaried person of the world. And this is exactly today’s theme:

Variety show full of Halloween pranks!

I made a list of some episodes I remembered, but if I let any other out, please tell me on the comments ok?

But let me confess something: I obviously laugh a lot watching these videos, but I’d be just like them and I’d be so scared and so afraid I’m sure I wouldn’t even move. And I’d scream so loud until becoming voiceless. I’m that kind of scaried person. So just look out for the most scaried person, and be sure I’d be just the same!

MonstaX –   DeokspatchX challenge

When the boys were filming DeokspatchX and recreating some situations of other variety shows, they were put in this courage test. Who will be able to keep calm in this abandoned castle?

[cr: 1thek]

Running Man – haunted school

I’m completely addicted to Running Man, it’s my favorite variety show. And I laughed so much in this episode! Their mission is go inside this haunted school and look for their name tags – and the VJ’s name tags as well! [this special part begins at 41 minutes, after their surprise birthday party]

Running Man – episode 261

[cr: KShowOnline]

Running Man – zombie invasion

Another Running Man episode that was scary was this one about the zombie apocalipse. They have to find the cure in this building full of zombies, and they become more and more strong as the episode goes on! [the Running Man production team is always so great, I love them]

Running Man – episode 277

Infinite – Ranking King: the bravest king

Ok this is one of the best! I remembered watching Ranking King after midnight and I had to pull a pillow on my face to control my laughs, or I’d woke up the entire neighborhood. Each episode of this show is about “who’s the better” in something. And this one is about who’s the bravest among Infinite.

They go to an abandoned village to find gours that were hidden. And in the middle of their searching there might be ghosts challenging them! The results? A lot of screams! It’s two episodes [10 and 11], divided in 3 parts each. All the links are down below.

Episode 10 – part 1/3

Episode 10 – part 2/3

Episode 10 – part 3/3

Episode 11 – part 1/3

Episode 11 – part 2/3

Episode 11 – part 3/3

[cr: wow infinitee]

Shinhwa – hidden camera

Who told that oldest idols don’t get caught in pranks? Shinhwa thought they were going to do a simple interiew for their VCR show, but it wasn’t that at all!

 [cr: shinhwaicha]

Hit the stage – hidden camera

The participants of the first part of “Hit the Stage” were called to watch a video of a competitor – but it was all a scary prank. Who among them [Momo, Taemin, Hoya, Shownu, Hyoyeon, U-Kwon, Bora, Ten] was the most scaried?

[cr: Cwts] [I couldn’t find it with subtitles 🙁 ]

EXO – Showtime

This is another show that every time I watch I laugh so hard! It’s funny to see that before they go inside the haunted house they all look confident. But the reality is so different! [expect for Tao’s case, he was already crying since the beginning]


This part of the episode starts at 20 minutes!

EXO Showtime – episode 10

[cr: kaixing]

ToppDogg – Hidden camera

The boys were waiting at a room for a meeting with their manager. They barely knew what was hidden there!

[cr: On Air Hunus]

I couldn’t find the subtitles for these videos, I’m so sorry! But even without it, it’s really funny to see all their reaction in haunted houses! It’s worth watching!

Big Bang – haunted house

[I’ve already wacthed it more than 10 times and I still find it so funny]

[cr: Alex Uchiwa]

SHINee – haunted house

[cr: Shienita Senjaya] [it starts at 6 minutes!]

What about you? How woould you act in such scary situations?

I hope you all liked this post, and wait for more Halloween posts on MLD!

See you next time!!


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