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[Retrospective 2016] Top 10 – Songs

[Retrospective 2016] Top 10 – Songs

Hello everyone! It’s been some time since last post right? But I’m back with an important top 10 playlist!

But today, starting 2016’s last week, I’m here to make another special <3 a retrospective with the best of the year!

Friendly reminder that this list contains only my personal opinion! So if I didn’t put your favorite group in it don’t hate me. Instead, leave me a comment saying what were your favorite!

And today, as the title already says, I made a playlist with the 10 songs I loved the most <3 let’s confess that 2016 was a really great year in K-pop right? We had a lot of comebacks – and a lot of debuts too – and it was so hard to choose only 10 musics! [all my 2016’s top 10 were really hard to decide]

Now let me explain shortly why I chose these songs:

SHINee is my ultimate group, and “Tell me what to do” really surprised me for being a tottally diferent style from“View” and from their last comeback “1 of 1”.

Taemin is my ultimate bias, and “Press your number” made me feel even more proud of him <3

Red Velvet became my favorite girl group since last year, and seeing them growing so much made me really happy [I remember I mentioned them on my 2015’s]. And “Russian Roullette” is a song you won’t be able to took off of your head!

MonstaX saved my life this year so it was really obvious I’d put “Fighter” on this playlist, since it was the 1st comeback I saw being a fan <3 [and this song is great!]

About BTS, I was in between “Save me” and “Blood Sweat & Tears”. But I love “Save me” more, so it’s on the list. But I’m really addicted to “BS&T” as well ok?

Blackpink were my favorite debut of this year <3 these girls have a really bright future, can’t wait to see more of them; 24k only has great songs to listen at the highest volume, and everyone should know this group!; Taeyeon’s solos never let me down, and I almost chose “Why” instead of “11:11” – but this one touched me more.

And of course Big Bang, giving us a “Last dance” before they all enlist to the army. It was a really perfect gift to all of us VIPs, and we’ll be waiting for them to comeback <3

Top 10 Songs – 2016

I really hope you all liked this playlist <3 and please let me know what were your favorite songs of 2016! I’d love to know!

And I’ll see you all tomorrow! Yeah, tomorrow, with another Top 10 <3

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