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[Retrospective 2016] Top 10 – Albums

[Retrospective 2016] Top 10 – Albums

Hello everyone! Let’s go on with the 2016 retrospective and today I’ll talk about my top 10 favorite albums.

Friendly reminder that this is my personal opinion, so don’t be mad at me if I didn’t put your favorite group. Instead, leave me a comment telling me what were your favorites and I’d love to know <3

And there’s no ranking on this list ok? It’s a random order!

 SHINee – 1 and 1

Yeah, I put the repack album here and that means more musics to love. The ballad songs are perfect, along with the two titles Tell me what to do” and “1 of 1”. I recommend: “Rescue”, “Prism” and “Don’t let me go”.

Taemin – Press It

Do I need to tell why? It’s obvious that I’m still so proud of the second album of my ultimate <3 Press your number” and “Drip drop” were the stage songs, and I also love “Soldier”, “Sexuality” and “One by one”.

MonstaX – The Clan [parts 1 and 2]

Doing just as last year and putting two mini albums together!

I fell in love with MonstaX this year and they’re already on my Top 3 most loved groups. Besides the title songs of these two mini albums [“All In” and “Fighter”], I’d tell you to listen to: “Stuck”, “Sweetheart”, “Be quiet” and “Blind” [actually I love all of their songs, so go check them out!]

VIXX – 2016 Conception

Now putting 3 singles together.

BUT I swear it would be impossible to leave one of VIXX’s releases behind! This group is so great, and this year they only came with amazing songs and amazing stages! The titles “Fantasy”, “The Closer” and “Dynamite” are awesome, and I also suggest you to listen “Love me do” and “Milky Way” <3 [I really love VIXX so much]

BTS – Wings

Where do I begin?!

7 solo songs. Amazing and powerfull choreographies. It’s really impossible someone dislike this album! I highly recommend “21st Century Girls”, “Lost”, “Am I Wrong”and all of their solos, no expection. And of course, the title “Blood Sweat & Tears”.

Red Velvet – Russian Roullette

This álbum was one of my biggest addictions of this year. When it was released I could’t stop listening to “Russian Roullette”, “Lucky Girl” and “Fool”. As I said before, Red Velvet become my favorite girl group, and they have a great potential on their future <3

Infinite – Infinite Only

One of my favorite groups ever, with another great album. Along with the title “The Eye”, I recommend Air”, “Zero”, and I have to say that I loved “Monologue” so much!!! If you don’t know a lot about Infinite, do yourself this favor and listen to their other songs <3 they’re truly amazing!

GOT7 – Flight Log – Turbulence

I always listen to GOT7 title songs, and this is their first album that I loved the most. I listened to it for a whole week! “Hard carry”, “Prove It”, “Who’s That” and “Mayday” are my favorites for sure!

B.A.P – Noir

This was the last álbum I’ve listed to, anda t the second song I already knew that it would be on this list. I’m really proud of B.A.P, loved all the new songs [no expection!] and I might say it’s my favorite album of them! Besides the title “Skydive” I highly recommend “Le Noir”, “I guess I need you” and the BangZelo “Confession” that is a f*cking great song, I need to say it like this.


And last but of course not least I chose EX’ACT, because it was the álbum that made me like EXO just as before. I confess that even enjoying “Call me baby” and “Love me right”, their songs didn’t get me with that feeling of “omg I can’t stop listening to this one!” you know?

So when they released “Monster” and “Lucky one” I fell in love with the group again <3 My favorite is “One and only”, and I also suggest you to listen to “They never know” and “Stronger” [this one is so beautiful I cried]

What about you? What were your favorite albums of 2016? I’d love to know, so leave me a comment <3

See you next time!

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