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[Retrospective 2016] Top 10 – Dances

[Retrospective 2016] Top 10 – Dances

Hi everyone! Today’s top 10 is about the choreographies I loved the most this year and that are already on my “I need to learn to dance this” list [and I’m pretty sure I won’t learn anything]. 

Friendly reminder that this is my personal opinion, so don’t be mad at me if I didn’t put your favorite group. Instead, leave me a comment telling me what were your favorites and I’d love to know <3

I don’t have a lot to explain, since I only chose these ones simply because I loved it, or because I thought the dance was surprising or beautiful. It’s a really personal thing!

Top 10 – Dances

Taemin – Press your number

Starting with my ultimate’s solo, “Press your number” had two dance versions released. I don’t know which one I like more, but I think the choreography on the water giver a more dramatic look to all of the song <3 [and yeah, Taemin again, what can I do if he’s amazing?]


Seventeen – Pretty U

I tried to resist to Seventeen, but I can’t anymore: they’re just so good! All of their dances are incredible and very well elaborated, and this one is a good example of it. The choreography itself is so fun, but pay attention to their position changes! It left me so surprised, and that why “Pretty U” is here. [and I’m addicted to this song]

In this other video we can see better the changes! [all of their dance practice has this back view, and I loved it!]


Seventeen –아주 Nice [Very nice]

Speaking of Seventeen, I chose another dance of them! I swear I started to watch “Very nice” just for curiosity. And I watched it at least five times in a row! This choreography is absolutely amazing, one of the best I’ve ever seen. I’m sure you’ll be surprised too <3


BTS – Blood Sweat & Tears

I couldn’t leave this dance out of this list right? Again I was in doubt between this one and “Save me”, but I’m sure that “BS&T” made me love BTS even more. What about the stages?! I’ve watched almost all of them!


Red Velvet – Russian Roullette

“Them again?” YES! Just because I’m in love with this choreography <3 [it doesn’t have a dance version or practice, so I chose a stage]


Hyoseong – Find me

This solo is one of my favorites ever! Hyoseong is from Secret, but she’s a soloist for some time already – and all of her songs are great. And besides loving “Find me” dance, I think what made me love this era so much were her outfits <3 she’s so pretty!! it doesn’t have a dance version or practice, so I chose a stage]

[and is worth to watch this stage of “Find me” – in the rain]


Sistar – I like that

I basically love every choreography from this girls, but “I like that” is now my favorite because the red skirts give the dance an uniq flow and movements <3

Blackpink – Boombayah

The debut I loved the most this year, and absolutely one of the best dance group I’ve seen! <3 This dance is iconic, the hair flip and the arm movements are the main point! Blackpink are just amazing.


MonstaX – Stuck

They released a loto f dance practice vídeos this year, but “Stuck” is my favorite because: footwork. Starting at 3 minutes, what they do with their feet following the rhythm is really awesome! Do I wanna learn it? Yes. But I’ll probably break my leg trying.


GOT7 – Hard carry

And to finish this list, one of the dances I liked most of GOT7 [my favorite is still “If you do”]. Have you see them dancing “Hard carry” two times faster on Weekly Idol?! Is insane!


What about you? What were your favorites dances of 2016? Let me know in the comments!

I’ll see you next time!


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