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[ENG] Ravi – Bomb

[ENG] Ravi – Bomb

I know I’m super late for this review, but better late than never. On 4th, VIXX’s Ravi released his first solo album, and also released the MV for “Bomb”. And it gets into a controversy.

All the problem began after the releasing of the +19 version of the MV from Naver, and there were scenes with some women wearing lingerie, painting canvas in a big room – which is an element from the lyrics, where Ravi says “Now the sketch that I was drawing is complete”. He appeared only holding one of this woman’s hand, as if he was teaching her how to paint the canvas. Another scene that caused trouble was one with Ravi sitting on a sofa and these women around him. This version was released at 00h in Korea [it’s a common hour or releasing, we’re used to it already].

A few days later I was reading comments on Twitter saying that the +19 version was removed from Naver due to complaints, alleging that the MV was too sexual and with apology to misogyny and the objectification of women. I was like WHAT?! and on 9th VIXX’s official channel released the +15 version, without any women on it.

Now let me say what I honestly think about this.

As a woman I do get offended with a lot of rappers’s videos [speaking about all of them, all over the world]. The objectification that’s made of women, and men touching them as if they/we weren’t nothing but a hot body or “prizes” to win. THIS really makes me fill sick, and it was the reason I stopped watching Jay Park’s videos, because I got tired of his speech of being the great guy that gets all the women around him, and tired of seeing half naked women on his MVs.

I know this is a disgusting “rapper culture”, unfortunately is common to see this on their videos. I DON’T AGREE WITH IT, I’m really saying that I get offended with this kind of scene. But on Ravi’s MV, although the women were really using lingerie, there were nothing else happening but him touching a hand, and later he was singing on the center of the room where they were painting. Just this. There are a lot of other videos that are worst than it and even more explicit. I don’t agree with half naked women on videos, I’m not defending this on Ravi’s MV. I’m just saying that there weren’t scenes where he was being dominant on them.

Right after the +19 MV was removed from Naver, Ravi posted on his Twitter saying he was sorry for the misunderstanding. It was the first time I ever saw a rapper doing this, and I liked Ravi even more for it.

“Hello. This is Ravi. I have become aware that there are controversies surrounding the music video for my title track ‘BOMB,’ in which certain scenes are said to have contained misogyny and the objectification of women.”
“I regret not realizing these scenes would cause discomfort, and I sincerely apologize to all of my fans and everyone who felt uncomfortable [watching the music video]. I will be more careful from now on, and will continue to work hard to create good music and performances. I’m sorry.”

I can’t say the same about other rappers…

[and for God’s sake I’m not throwing hate on Jay Park only. I love his work, his songs, his albums, etc. I just tired and sick of his videos, of his same speech. Ok? You understand it? THANK YOU].

And to be clear again. I don’t agree with any type of objectification of women in any type of video, being Korean or any other nacionality.

The only different about the +15 version was the exclusion of the women’s scenes. The rest of the MV shows Ravi singing in a room full of canvas, and also scenes of him dancing or with the rapper San E, who featured the song. I really liked “Bomb”, it was better that I was expecting.

The lyrics are about his success and not hearing what haters say about his work.

“ ‘I hate and hate but why isn’t this bastard going down’
All your useless chirping
There’s no way it’ll interfere with my life
Cuz me and my brothers, we’re always sweating it out
Now the sketch that I was drawing is complete
The future that I saw the first time has come”


“How is my explosive potential?
No one can aim for me
The me that I dreamed of
When I was wearing a uniform
Is the me right now
You understand?”

I really hope you liked this belated review. I’m with a list of MVs to watch and maybe write a review, so keep an eye on MLD <3 and don’t forget to like its page on facebook and also to follow MLD on Instagram!

Aaaand let me say a special thanks to my beloved friend Menuri [from Australia!] for watching “Bomb” with me <3

See you all next time!

Translation of Ravi’s post

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