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[ENG] Big Bang – MADE serie

[ENG] Big Bang – MADE serie

After three years listening “Fantastic Baby” and suffering with a thousand rumors about comebacks, we finally have Big Bang back. And not only with one or two songs. We got EIGHT new songs, divided in four singles of MADE serie. Let’s all thanks Papa YG for making 2015 Big Bang’s year.

This post is in “Album review” category, but I’ll also talk a little bit about the MVs, just because it’s impossible not to talk about those amazing videos we had between May and August.


The serie started with “Loser”. This music is pure suffer. It talks about someone who fells a trash, who looks at the ground more than to the sky. Who feels a loser when looks at the mirror. It’s really sad.

The video was qualified as +15 even with the strong scenes, like Daesung fighting [actually he was getting punched] and T.O.P with that girl in bed. And in the MV we saw each one of them with a different suffering. [this is what I understood ok?]

G-Dragon is an idol, but he’s lonely, friendless and moving to an hotel to another. Taeyang is a delinquent that lives at a rooftop. Seungri chase his ex-girlfriend ‘cause he can’t take over their breaking. T.O.P lives in an apartment covered with sheets, as if he’s disgusted with dust and touches [he used gloves all the time he even gets mad when the girl touches his desk]. And Daesung gets involved in a street fight – and we don’t know why. The only thing I didn’t understand is what happened to T.O.P when he was really harmed. But it’s ok. The MV ends well, everyone’s beautiful and together.

The next song of the single [M] was “Bae Bae”, and I’m really sorry to say that this is my least favorite. I didn’t like the song, the MV is really non-sense [and kind of disgusting] and I still don’t understand. The lyric is so beautiful, it talks about being in love with a girl with unique beauty, and that she’ll make his heart flutter forever. And in the MV we don’t see it. It was also classified as +19 because of the many sexual connotations. I really don’t like “Bae Bae”, sorry, let’s move on.


Let’s talk about the hit song of 2015 [for me]: “Bang Bang Bang”. Seriously, what was this song. It’s amazing. It’s perfect. It’s our new anthem. It’s our new “Fantastic Baby”. It’s impossible not to jump around the house listening to it.

The MV was like… too much information. We had Taeyang above a war tank, T.O.P as a cowboy and arguing with himself as an astronaut, Seungri with a football team [I don’t even know what was that], Daesung surrounded with girls in a wrestling ring and G-Dragon enchained with a woman. Again, a really non-sense video, but it’s just SO GOOD.

THE COREOGRAPHY is amazing, and I have to put their dance practice here and make two mini comments. At 0:35, Taeyang claps in advance and tries to disguise, but GD saw and they keep giggling. And at 0:59, Taeyang steps on GD’s foot. [yeah I watched it a thousand times]

“Bang Bang Bang” doesn’t make sense, but that’s ok again. Big Bang doesn’t need to make sense.

Later we had “We Like 2 Party”, and just like its title it talks about a party with friends, a moment to relax. And in the MV is just Big Bang being all natural. It’s so funny and beautiful to see their friendship <3 this MV is love. I don’t have to talk about it, it’s pure love.


And now the songs i loved the most, liste non repeat all day long and don’t want to stop.

I listened to “If You” first, and I almost couldn’t believe when I heard T.O.P’s voice singing [not rapping]. The whole music is beautiful, their voices complete each other and you listen to it a thousand times and still have the same feels. The lyric is sad – a break up. Again. It was the only song that didn’t have a MV and I was really upset about it. So I’ll just leave the stage here.  [grab your tissues]

And my favorite song of all MADE serie: Sober”. I can’t even explain why I love it so much. The lyric is a little bit sad actually, talking about dreams that faded away and how an adult life is hard.

But the MV doesn’t give you the feeling that the song is kinda sad. When I watched for the first time I thought that everything was so funny and I really thought they were in a dream land [and T.O.P just being T.O.P]. I really loved this video. My new favorite Big Bang song.


Unfortunetly, the serie has come to an end, but with two great and amazing songs. “Let’s not fall in love” is beautiful, REALLY SAD, but beautiful. It’s not a ballad, but it has that thing of a sad song. [I’m not making sense, so listen to understand me]. The lyric is basically: he doesn’t want to get involved in a serious relationship, because he’s afraid of the break up and the promises. And almost at the end of the song, we hear a fell words of a talk, and we hear the girl saying:

You’re always like this

You selfish bastard

It hurts so much. And the MV gets sadder after it, even if nothing different happened. And do I have to say about their cute scenes with the girls? No. Don’t make me talk about it. [feelings]

And last but not least, we had the GD&TOP comeback with “Zutter”. The song is great, I spent a whole day listening to it, but the MV is… I don’t know. I confess I still didn’t know what was going on, don’t know the plot and some scenes were placed out of nowhere just to coincide with the lyric – that, by the way, is the typical rap lyric. I don’t have so much to talk about it, but from what I’ve researched, it’s a big critic to music industry, to the media and to them, everything really sarcastic.

You know what I really loved in “Zutter”? The choreography. As soon as the MV was released, they also released the dance practice and it’s great. So I’ll leave the link here too.

It was four months of spazzing, tears, laughs and everything. Because Big Bang came back after a really long hiatus. But let’s not forget that even with the group in a hiatus, they all released solo albums and were involved in personal projects.

I’m so proud of Big Bang because they make their music in an unique way. Even with all the critics and bad things about k-pop industry [if you’re a fan you know what I’m talking about], they always prove how good they are, without hesitating of making “polemics” videos and with strong messages. [VIP pride]

I hope you liked my review, and fell free to comment, leave suggestions or critics.

I’ll see you next time!


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