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[ENG] The Heirs

[ENG] The Heirs

Ok world, I FINALLY watched “The Heirs”! YES. JUST NOW. And there’s no words that I can use to describe how regretful I’m for taking soooooo long to watch it.

It’s really hard to explain the plot, and anything I say might be a spoiler, but I’ll be careful.

“The Heirs” tells the story of Cha EunSang (Park ShinHye), a 18 years old girl who works in various part-time jobs to help her mom, Park HeeNam (Kim MiKyung), a mute old lady that works as a housekeeper for a really rich family.

When she needs to travel to USA, EunSang meets Kim Tan (Lee MinHo), a Korean studying abroad. For many reasons, Kim Tan helps EunSang in a hard moment, but quickly they got separated because she have to go back to South Korea. What she doesn’t know is that Kim Tan is, actually, the heir of a larg Korean conglomerate, and he was sent to study in USA by his older brother Kim Won (Choi JinHyuk).


Later on (skipping A LOT of things that happened), EunSang is sent to study at Jeguk High School, an elite school for rich students and heirs of their family business. And that’s where we know the other characters of the drama.

Starting with Choi YoungDo (Kim WooBin), the bad guy  and Kim Tan’s ex-best friend. And we also meet Yoo Rachel (Kim JiWon), Kim Tan’s snobbish fiancée. [actually we already knew her, ‘cause EunSang mets her at USA]

And it’s in Jeguk High School that we understand the relations between all the characters. Actually, Kim Tan is kind of a bond, because almost everybody is related to him in a certain way – being an ex-girlfriend, and ex-best friend, etc. And obviously the drama focus A LOT on the love triangle [Kim Tan, EunSang e YoungDo], but the plot is so much more than this.


We understand that everything that happens between the families is a game of interests and power. To be short, everyone is victim of their own fate. Everyone. Even the adults. Sometimes the future the parents want for their son/daughter isn’t what he/she wants, which can bring some dramatic actions. [Can’t say who, can’t say what]

Actually, the drama is also known as: He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight – The Heirs”. [yeah, this is the title] And this sums up everything, because with great powers come great responsibilities.

Now let me talk about the drama:

This is, for sure, the drama with the larger amount of handsome guys per scene. I SWEAR, it was too much information for my little brain. We have Lee MinHo, Kim WooBin and Choi JinHyuk, but we also have Kang MinHyuk (and his character, Yoon ChanYoung, who was EunSang’s best friend and BoNa’s boyfriend), we have Kang HaNeul (Lee HyoShin, who’s Kim Tan’s best fiend) and Park HyungSik (Jo MyungSoo, the funniest character). [omg too many names, I hope you don’t feel confused]


 And I loved everyone’s acting, and now I have to confess one thing: I don’t like Krystal [don’t know why, I just reeeally don’t like her]. But BoNa melted me and now she’s in my heart, ‘cause you can see that despite her hard personality, being sarcastic and jealousy, she’s not just this. She was a great help for EunSang when she needed, and her relationship with ChanYoung is so cute!! So I have to clap for Krystal, she was great!


Another character that I loved to hate was Rachel. It’s the second drama I see with JiWon, and the second time she’s the bitch arrogant. But let’s understand what was happening: Rachel and Kim Tan were engaged for their families business only, not because they loved each other – again, victims of their own fate. But Rachel really likes him, so I was pitty for her a lot of times. And besides her engagement, she has to deal with her mother’s fiancée, who happens to be YoungDo’s father. [SO MANY PEOPLE, I took so long to know who was who]


Since I’m talking about YoungDo, I HAVE TO clap WooBin’s acting. He was a villain, using his bad-guy-face. [I swear that if WooBin came and threatened me I would faint. He was really scary] But we also know his story, why he acts like that, why his friendship with Kim Tan is so hard, and why he’s so different in some aspects. I loved to see YoungDo’s improvement, and at the final episodes he was the one who made me cry the most. I also loved him because he was so funny and sarcastic at the same time.


And the second characters were really important for the plot too. My two favorites were ChanYoung and MyungSoo. Oh I miss them…


Well, now that I talked about things I liked, I have to talk about what I didn’t. Don’t hate me, and remember that this is my PERSONAL opinion.

The choice of Minho and WooBin being high school students. Ok I know that their careers were made in this kind of roles, and that they were great actors on those others dramas. But I couldn’t look at them and see them as 18 years old students. They’re almost 30 years old, and they look older than the other actors. So I was really bothered about this…

Changing the subject again, I LOVED the OST. I usually only search the theme songs, but I had to download all the songs – even the instrumentals. So if you want to listen, I’ll put the links here and here.

“The Heirs” is much more than a high school drama with a love triangle. I loved how everything was linked and how everything ended. I don’t have any complains about the real end, ‘cause everything made sense. Was a really emotional ending. [read this as: I was sobbing alone at 2am.]

This review is huge, so if you read it all thank you so much! <3 I hope that know you feel motivated to watch, and if you already saw it, let’s re-watch with me!

Score: 9

Tears level: 4/5

I see you next time!!


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