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[ENG] [PICS] Infinite – Reality

[ENG] [PICS] Infinite – Reality

Hi everyone!

Today I’m here to create a new category on MLD: “Albun’s photos”. It’s literally: I’m going to choose one of the álbuns I have and show a little bit of how it is physically. I KNOW that there’s a lot of unboxing videos, HQ scans and etc, but I still think it’s fun to show it. So I hope you like it <3

The first one I’ve chose is my new baby: “Reality”, of Infinite. I really love them, and this is the second Infinite album I have [the other is “Season 2”].

I didn’t photograph the whole photobook, ‘cause if I have done this post would be huge. So I choose my favorites, and it was really hard, all of the photos are so beautiful. I really loved it.

Enough with the talking.

MLD (10)MLD (1)

The card is random, and I got my bias <3 [‘Cause you’re my destiny oooh oooh oooh]

MLD (2)

It also comes with a [Infinite Real Date] card, possibly an event they made in Korea, and I got Sungjong <3 [I’m really sorry about this pic, I didn’t see it was so blurried]

MLD (7)

MLD (6)

MLD (5)MLD (4)

MLD (3)
What’s going on there?

MLD (8)

I really loved this card <3

That’s all for today.

See you next time!


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