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[ENG] Kim DongWan – I’m fine

[ENG] Kim DongWan – I’m fine

Ok so I’ll ignore all the list of things I was planning to write and post here in MLD for one single reason: Kim Dongwan is back.

It’s not on purpose that this is the second MV review and again with a Shinhwa member. It just happened, I just watched the video and I really need to talk about it. Shinhwa is all perfection, what can I do?

After SEVEN years without releasing an album [just singles], Dongwan’s back with the mini album “D”, released today [October 21, in Korea]. It have five songs, and the title is “I’m fine”.

In the video, Dongwan is with a band [members of the indie band Loudly Decibel], in a house really messy, dirty and full of spider webs [it’s not scary, the MV is all lighten and you won’t feel chills. But the mess is real]. We see candy boxes, a kitchen with a lot of biscuit boxes on the walls and furniture covered with plastic – besides the calendar and its pages falling.

We see Dongwan singing, sometimes with the band and his guitar, sometimes just sitting with the musicians besides him. But we see that he’s not happy, looks concerned and sad. Although the song is not sad [it’s a medium-tempo song], the lyrics are really sad. The chorus is:

Dressing in whatever

Eating whatever

Spending the day doing whatever, that’s how I am these days

Thinking of you makes me want to cry sometimes

But don’t worry, I’m fine

So the song is about the life after the break up, how it feels strange to watch movies alone, having nobody to talk with or to help to pick an outfit. Actually, this is the first part of the song:

I look in the mirror, wearing whatever

Since you’re not here to pick an outfit

It’s really sad, and I couldn’t help but think about Dongwan’s daily routine [and other idols too]. Watching him in “I Live Alone” and watching this MV I only thought: Oppa, please, marry quickly! *cries*

While “Piece” MV is not released, let’s watch “I’m fine” a lot of times!

The mini album is also perfect and you can download it here.

Dongwan is amazing, to be honest. Not just because he’s my bias in Shinhwa, but because he’s someone we can be inspired by. I recommend everyone to watch his cuts in “I Live Alone”, to see how many things he do in a day, how much he studies, how much effort he puts in his career and his hobbies – including expending two hours with a Star Wars Lego [he was at the hospital]. And because it’s a fun show to watch. You can watch the episodes [eng subbed] here.

Dongwan’s next mini album “W” will be released in November.

I’m really sorry about the lack of posts in the past… two weeks. I promise to organize my things soon and to write a lot here in MLD!

See you next time!


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