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[ENG] [PICS] Miss A – Hush

[ENG] [PICS] Miss A – Hush

Here it is another post full of photos!! The only girl group album I have in my collection keke

I love Miss A so much, with all my soul. And I had to buy “Hush” because is my favorite of all <3 best era, best concept, best MV, best choreography, *fangirl*

The album is triangular, and it’s so awesome! Really, is so beautiful, and every part you open shows a member photo.


The “bad” part is that the vertical pictures kinda “crop” them. But is still wonderful, every single one of them. <3


My favorites are these:


Just to watch again, I’ll leave “Hush” MV here <3

I really want a Miss A’s comeback. Although I liked “Only You”, it wasn’t as good as “Hush” [not even close to me]. I think I expected too much, so my expectation were too high. I like, but not as much as “Hush”. [ok you got it]

What about you? What’s your favorite Miss A era? I’d love to know!!

See you next time!!


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