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[ENG] Crush – Woo-ah & 9 to 5

[ENG] Crush – Woo-ah & 9 to 5

Another double MV review <3 this time I came to talk about the comeback of one of my favorite solo singers, Crush. . I got a crush on you uuh /singing

On May 5, he released two videos and the mini album “Interlude – EP”. Two years waiting a mini album. This K-pop life isn’t easy, you have to be patient.

So. Let’s start with:


The vídeo is kinda psychedelic, really colorful and full of details. We see only Crush and the band, or him and a girl. You realize at first that they like each other, and It’s impossible not to see those sexual connotations. Seriously, was just like “Bae bae” of Big Bang [and I talked about it here on MLD].

I won’t say anything. Just watch:

I liked the song more than the MV to be very honest.

I want to wake up every morning and say
babe have a good morning
I just wanna be with you oh yeah
When the fresh sunshine shines at us
I wanna fall in love with you
Do whatever you want my baby
Don’t worry and hold my hand

And the ending of “Woo-ah” is the beginning of the other MV.

9 to 5 [feat. Gaeko]

It starts with Crush walking on a forest and finding an old camera. This camera filmed him in an abandoned place. The scenes goes from this place, an butcher shop and the forest. Can I confess that I got really scared when the butcher started to go after Gaeko?

And for what I’ve realized, there’s two Crush: one in the woods and the other at the abandoned place. But I really didn’t get the meaning of this. So if anyone knows, let me know please.

The lyrics are about his success, how much he works and puts effort on it, and how much he doesn’t care about haters.

 From the underground where there
was no heating at all to above the cloud
Naturally noises come out
but I don’t give a shit
I just hit mute
Be careful of your mouth
Before you see me concert

I really liked those MVs, and I can’t remember any other group/soloist that released two vídeos as a sequence. Crush is really amazing, one of the best voices of R&B. I highly recommend you to listen, if you don’t know him too much. “Hug me”, “Sofa” and “Sometimes” are just one of his songs.

I hope you liked this review, and I’ll see you next time!


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