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[ENG] Jonghyun – She is

[ENG] Jonghyun – She is

After the success with the mini album “Base” and the special “Story Op. 1”, our Jonghyun is back with his first full album. This time, “She is” has nine songs, all composed by him itself! Shawols are so proud!

And completely different from the dark MV of “Crazy”, he’s back with a vibrant and colorful video. “And it was all yellow…”

The MV shows Jonghyun in his daily works [that’s what I understood]. He does many different jobs, since sew up, fix things, or making food to the other workers. I didn’t get the whole story behind it, so I can’t explain everything. What if I say something wrong? Hehe.

The vídeo style reminds a lot of Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb” – and that’s great, both of the MVs are amazing! The vibrant colors, the random scenes and closes on objects, and the scenes of Jonghyun and the dancers. All of this made this MV very unique, just like its song. It will keep in your head, even if you heard it only once!

The lyrics are about this girl he likes. He describes her face, saying that he likes everything on her.

Oh She is. Smallish eyes, I like the look in your eyes.
Oh She is. Eyebrows that are a little dark, I like that sort of thing.
Oh She is. I like your lips that look a little sulky.
Oh She is. I like that sort of thing.

 Don’t you panic , this is natural right?
Even if it’s ugly to your eyes
Oh I like it, everything about you
You know what

 I really liked this concept of Jonghyun, and I hope to like the other songs even more [I still didn’t hear the whole album].

I hope you enjoyed this review! Feel free to leave a comment and say what were your thoughts about Jonghyun’s comeback.

See you next time!


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