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[ENG] TOP 10 – MVs

Hello beautiful people!

Starting from today, this week on MLD will be a retrospective of 2015. And today I’ll tell you what were my favorite MVs released this year – and it wasn’t easy to pick only 10. There’s no order of preference on this list, I really put only those I loves the most.

Friendly reminder that this will be my personal opinion. So don’t be mad if I didn’t put your favorite group here. Instead, tell me on the comments your own list of favorites <3

Shannon Williams – Why why

I didn’t know who Shannon was until days ago, but I fell in love with her. She’s only 18, has a powerful voice and is Amber’s frined <3 in this MV, she’s the typical teenager that falls in love at first sight – and does a lot of bizarre things.

Amber – Beautiful

I don’t even know where to start talking about this MV. It’s beautiful. It’s really personal. And that’s why it’s wonderful. In this version of the video, we see childhood and youth pictures of Amber, while the lyrics are shown. In a certain way, we see her growing up, and we understand that she has always been like this – and it wasn’t SM that made her a tomboy. This video made me cry when I first saw it. Its message is so clear: be who you truly are, and don’t give a damn about what other people might think of say. We also had this other version, that is also really beautiful. 

BTS – I need u

This MV makes me so confused until today – and don’t even come talking about death theories. I put it here on this list because it was the first BTS MV where we have a story line and we see them acting. It was so beautiful, I realized how much they’ve grown up and how much they put effort to make this comeback. The first version released was censored, so I put here the uncut version – be warned that there’s violence and blood.

Super Junior D&E – Growing pains

Another MV that made me think for some time. We see Donghae and Eunhyuk remembering a relationship – with the same girl, but at different times? It envolves break ups and deleted memories, and left all ELF with a broken heart.

2PM – My house

What can I say about this amazing MV? We have a ball, 2PM being handsome as always, and a lot of fairy tail references, as Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Snow White and The Beauty and the Beast. And also a litter bunny that “sings”. 

SHINee – View

One of my favorite SHINee MVs ever, definitely. Here we see them getting kidnapped and so they can, finally, enjoy freedom days – without worrying about be seen. I liked the video not only for its message – of enjoying life and not being afraid to be who you truly are, but also because I loved to see SHINee more natural. It made the video seem like it wasn’t just and act <3

Dongwan – Du du du

Oh God, this video made me scream. I even made a reaction when I first watched it and it makes me laugh every time I hear it [it was an audio recording]. It has a love story, quite cliché, but what made me put it here was the plot twist at the end. [not only because Dongwan is my bias in Shinhwa ok?] I won’t say anything else, just watch it!


Shinhwa – Sniper

And talking about Shinhwa, how could I not put “Sniper” here? It was a comeback that made my twitter stopped for days, because we finally got our emperors back. It’s perfect, it’s sexy and the choreography is amazing.

VIXX – Chained up

This is probably my second favorite VIXX MV – “Error” is still the first place. A video where there are chained up to a possessive love, from where they can’t escape. It’s beautiful, their clothes are perfect and the dance is even better. I talked more about this MV here on MLD too.

SHINee – Married to the music

Oh yes, I put SHINee two times on this list just because “Married to the music” is bizarre. And that’s why it’s amazing. A party, a weird drink and one by one they lost their face’s parts. Super bizarre. And still terrific.

What were your favorites 2015’s MVs? I’d love to know on the comments!! <3

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see on the next post. 


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